Sargon of Akkad deplatformed

Sargon of Akkad deplatformed, by Tom Luongo.

Sargon of Akkad is one of the biggest political YouTubers. Of the anti-PC flavor, here is he is interviewing Brendon O’Neill  last month:

Too big and not PC, so he had to be de-platformed:

It became obvious then that we would wind up here today. It starts with saying that certain things are unacceptable based on arbitrary enforcement of Terms of Service and ends with backroom pressure to cut a person off from making money.

Google began demonetizing channels which were politically unpalatable to its senior management. So, a lot of demonetized YouTubers moved to Patreon, asking subscribers to support them directly rather than deal with intrusive ads.

And now Patreon has gotten into the game. But, we always knew that they would. They went after Laura Southern last year. …

It didn’t matter that Twitter still hosts all manner of violent and disgusting content or Facebook hosting sites of terrorist groups. Political opposition to the globalist plan of universal serfdom for us and unchecked power for them was to be snuffed out with extreme prejudice. …

Alternative platforms needed to be marginalized to blunt their growth. … Gab is closing in on a million accounts now.

Deplatforming is real. And Patreon’s removal of Sargon of Akkad over flimsy reasons is understandable if it was simply a compliance system gone wrong. But, from what I understand of the situation, it’s well beyond that. Patreon was simply looking for an excuse to axe Sargon.

And the reason to go after his Patreon account is to raise the costs of his doing what he does beyond his threshold of continuing. And it is a stark warning to the rest of us that if once you get successful, you’ll be attacked as well. …

What can be done? Obviously non-PC people (aka “normals”) need their own facilities on the Internet, just as we need our own mainstream media:

Jordan Peterson talked about this yesterday on his Patreon.

We thought about moving to alternatively crowd-funding platforms such as SubscribeStar, but it isn’t obvious that will constitute a long-term solution. Dave Rubin and I (and others) have been discussing the establishment of a Patreon-like enterprise that will not be susceptible to arbitrary censorship, and we are making progress, but these things cannot be rushed without the possibility of excess error.

But I am seriously displeased about the removal of Sargon (and many other people) and will definitely do something about it. …

This, to me, is where a cryptocurrency shows its true worth. By being an unstoppable medium of exchange, a cryptocurrency becomes the payment layer that companies like Stripe and PayPal have built their businesses on to this point. But they are no longer serving their customers, they are abusing them.