Hundred-Handers. Control of the media by the globalists forces hampers any opposition to them and the PC ways. So it’s good to see some effective ways of fighting back, even if it does require guerilla tactics.

Naturally they have been called “far-right” and “white supremacist” by the globalists. What did you expect? A mere “racist” label is not powerful enough anymore, worn out through overuse — and diluted to meaningless now that the left says that “all whites are racist” and “non-whites cannot be racist”.

On the first of each month, ‘the hands,’ as members are known, receive a sticker pack from ‘the head’ and are expected to stick the stickers in public places. On the stickers are inflammatory slogans such as, “we’re under attack,” “it’s okay to be white,” “reject white guilt,” “witness the reality of mass immigration,” “tired of anti-white propaganda?,” “multi-culturalism kills,” “feminism is cancer,” and “import the third world, become the third world.” …

Many of the stickers contain QR codes for people to scan. Some of these QR codes direct scanners to white-supremacist news and TV networks like Red Ice, while others direct them to an anti-immigration YouTube video entitled, “With Open Gates: the Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations.”


These Hundred-Hander guys are on the right track. Guerrilla warfare. Invade the safe spaces of sh**libs, don’t let them think any public square in America is theirs to own. (Reminder: most sh**libs are transplants, so their claims to the public squares of their adopted cities are tenuous.) Get under their skins but leave them no easy target to harass, jump, intimidate, or dox.

This had to come — resistance that cannot be decapitated.