The one huge reason the Victorian Liberals got annihilated (and why it will happen again)

The one huge reason the Victorian Liberals got annihilated (and why it will happen again), by Lucas Rosas.

The Victorian state election was a humiliating annihilation for the Liberals .. who … suffered a huge swing against them with rich voters as well.

This continues a trend seen in the recent by-election for the Sydney electorate of Wentworth and more broadly over the last decade where the rich are increasingly abandoning their traditional affiliation for the Liberal Party and are instead voting for the ALP and the Greens. …

Over the course of the last half century the children of the rich have been increasingly educated in classrooms on university campuses. These university campuses have evolved to the point that nearly the entire humanities faculty on every campus in the nation is staffed by lecturers not simply of the far left but the extreme left. … These days any even vaguely non-left leaning professor (and even some more moderate leftist ones) need to keep their heads down to avoid being ostracised and, inevitably, unemployed. …

Over and over again the Australian right has refused to face the obvious reality that if you let your enemies teach your children and grandchildren how to view the world your enemies will eventually win.

Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the Jesuits used to say that if you gave him a boy till the age of 7 and he would give you the man. The entire right side of the Australian political spectrum has been handing over its children to be brainwashed by activists from the furthest left ten per cent of the population for 12 to 18 years of their lives and then wonders why decade after decade their philosophies, political ideas and the values they hold dear continue to lose ground.

Without removing leftism from the education system there can be no victory. That is the most important battleground, the most vital stronghold in the culture war. Without it sanity will not prevail, and the fantasies of the deluded will continue to thrive.

Same goes for the ABC.