Santa says renewables “push down prices”. Sydney Morning Herald believes him.

Santa says renewables “push down prices”. Sydney Morning Herald believes him. By Joanne Nova.

Finally, No really, renewables are so cheap we can switch to them and change the global climate for free.

This is a new study by the kind of “independent” group that is totally dependent on Big Gov handouts. It compares Australian prices to other obscenely expensive countries and finds that “renewables push down prices”. Compared to what? Not compared to nations with cheap electricity. And not compared to most of the last thirty years in Australia before we added all the unreliable gear. …

If renewables actually reduced average prices, this would be a first. Around the world, the more intermittent generators you have, the more you have to pay for electricity.

Say it again: there is no country on Earth with lots of solar and wind power and cheap electricity.

Australian history:

While solar and wind energy is free in the sense that you don’t have to pay the Sun or dig up wind from underground, the energy is widely dispersed rather than concentrated. So we need to deploy a lot of machinery over wide areas to collect the energy — and that’s expensive.

Wind and solar are intermittent, so base-load coal or nuclear stations need to be kept running to back them up — and that’s expensive.