Kamala Harris Proposes a Dream for America that Opposes Democratic Standards

Kamala Harris Proposes a Dream for America that Opposes Democratic Standards, by Brad Slager.

It seems to be a hallmark of the Democratic party: insist on the intellectual heft of their party figures, and when proof of the opposite arises demean anyone who dares point out the evidence. Warren, Acasio-Cortez, Booker, Beto, etc. have all been pushed out on stage and sold as geniuses to be followed. Just do not resort to the hateful thing, and analyze their own words.

The latest is perhaps their brightest, California Senator Kamala Harris. Tabbed as a hopeful for the 2020 election Harris has been enthusiastically reported on in recent months …

So Kamala Harris wants to live in a world that looks more like Wakanda? … Wakanda is a notably monochromatic society. Granted, being nestled in an East African region will contribute to this, but the reality is the country is the polar opposite of diversity. This is deemed as a hateful ethno-state position, is it not? … Legal conflicts are settle in battlefield fashion between males, a rather toxic political system by my measure. The call to “invest in some women and girls” is a curious call in order to lead us to a male-dominated society.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific