It’s Time To Clear The Decks For War With China

It’s Time To Clear The Decks For War With China, by David Archibald.

There is something of that sense of inevitability at the moment; that history is on a timetable and ratcheting forward.

A number of things are coming to a head much at the same time. Let’s start with China. Early in his reign Dictator Xi directed the Peoples’ Liberation Army to be capable of invading Taiwan in 2020. Now only one calendar year separates us from that target kick-off date. What if he meant it? Considered opinion is that China won’t prevail with the current state of its armed forces but Xi might try if he sees his options being closed off by a weakening economy. …

Some of the militaries in Europe have started training for fighting in civil wars — the Polish military for civil war in Germany, and the French in their own country. The intersection of these two trends — the EU statist project and civil war to defend against it — looks like coming sooner rather than later.

In the Middle East, Iran is continuing to build its stock of rocket artillery in Syria and Lebanon, and adding GPS guidance to the larger ones to make them far more effective. Israel has been good at swatting down individual rockets and salvos. But it appears that what Iran has in mind is a mass attack that will overwhelm the Israeli defenses. And bankrupt them, as each Tamir rocket in an Iron Dome battery costs $70,000 to make while intercepting rockets cost only a twentieth of that. …

Iron Dome system in Ashdod intercepts a rocket fired from Gaza, 2012.

American diplomacy should be encouraging a wedge between China and Russia, not driving Russia into China’s embrace because nobody else will pretend to be friends with them. If China wins the war it wants in East Asia then that will be very bad long term for Russia, because China will eventually try to seize Siberia. That should be our message.

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