UN Climate Conference Wrecked by Revolting French and Trolling Poles

UN Climate Conference Wrecked by Revolting French and Trolling Poles, by James Delingpole.

Two things have completely ruined the UN Climate Conference currently happening in Katowice, Poland: the revolting French and the piss-taking Poles. …

This hasn’t been much reported by the mainstream media because it doesn’t suit the narrative, but the conference’s Polish hosts have been treating the whole event as a massive trolling exercise. Visiting delegates have been greeted by decorative mounds of the region’s economic speciality: high-grade coal, provided by the conference’s co-sponsors — the local coal industry.

As Christopher Booker reports in the Sunday Telegraph:

How beautifully symbolic it was that, when those 22,000 officials, politicians, green lobby groups and others descended on Katowice in Poland for the UN’s latest mammoth climate conference, they should find its exhibition centre decorated with neat stacks of coal and were greeted by a band from local collieries.

Katowice is the centre of Poland’s coal industry, which provides 82 percent of all its electricity; and, with the backing of the Polish government , the conference is jointly sponsored by local coal companies, of the kind the UN wants to see driven out of business.

The Poles — as on immigration, as on the Davos elite — are much more in tune with global trends than the UN delegates are. Around the world, coal is making a huge comeback because, unlike the renewables being championed by greens, it provides a cheap, reliable and effective source of energy.

hat-tip Barry Corke, Chris