Largest Oil and Gas Reserves Ever Assessed Found in West Texas

Largest Oil and Gas Reserves Ever Assessed Found in West Texas, by Merrill Hope.

The U.S. Department of the Interior announced Thursday the Permian Basin’s Wolfcamp shale and Bone Spring formation spanning parts of West Texas and eastern New Mexico hold the largest potential oil and gas resources ever discovered. …

The Delaware Basin estimate is for continuous (unconventional) oil comprised of undiscovered and technically recoverable resources, according to the USGS. This means, typically they can extract the liquids through slant drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Currently, energy companies are producing oil in the region using traditional vertical well technology and horizontal drilling, as well as fracking. …

Federal surveyors note the Bone Spring plays could offer roughly seven times the amount of oil as the Bakken shale in North Dakota.

Commenters at Gateway Pundit:

If Obama was still president, he’d declare that area a National Park.

No, he’d give it to China.

Hillary would sell it to China. Then a big fat donation to Hill & Bill’s favorite charity would happen by coincidence.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Charles