Irish Lecturer Slaughtered In France For ‘Insulting Muhammad’

Irish Lecturer Slaughtered In France For ‘Insulting Muhammad’, by Joshua Gill.

A Pakistani national stabbed an Irish lecturer to death Wednesday in Paris, telling responding police he attacked because the lecturer “insulted the Prophet Muhammad.”

The attacker, identified by authorities only as 37-year-old Ali R., was seen talking with lecturer John Dowling, 66, outside Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci where Dowling taught English before he brandished a steak knife and stabbed the lecturer in the throat and chest, the Daily Mail reported. Police arrested Ali, a former student of the university, on the scene, where he confessed to stabbing Dowling 13 times because he believed that the lecturer spoke ill of Muhammad.

Ali also confessed to harboring a grudge against Dowling ever since he failed his exams and was kicked out of the university in September 2017. …

[Prosecutor Catherine Denis] said evidence suggests Ali was not linked to any terrorist group, but was simply a devout follower of Islam and an “obsessive patriot” of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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