Chinese State Media: ‘It May Sound Racist,’ but Brazil’s Culture Is Inferior to China’s

Chinese State Media: ‘It May Sound Racist,’ but Brazil’s Culture Is Inferior to China’s, by Frances Martel.

China’s state-run Global Times expressed outrage Wednesday over comparisons between its economy and Brazil’s, dismissing Brazilians as lazy and insisting that, “it may sound racist,” but Brazil’s culture is too inferior to China’s to ever succeed with full development.

Under Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, China’s government has increased calls for the embrace of “traditional Chinese culture,” meaning a mixture of Han culture and Maoist communism, over other world cultures, including minority cultures within China like Uighur or Tibetan culture. Chinese state media has increased the publication of articles arguing that Han Chinese people are more intelligent, harder working, and generally superior to others around the world. …

Global Times senior editor Ding Gang …: “My experience says whether a country can achieve industrialization depends on many factors, culture being the most important. It includes how people view their work, family, children’s education and wealth accumulation,” he writes. “It may sound racist to differentiate development based on culture. But after living in Brazil for a while, you will find out the answer.”

“Brazilians are not willing to be as diligent and hard working as the Chinese. Neither do they value savings for the next generation, like the Chinese do. Yet they demand the same welfare and benefits as those in developed countries,” Ding concludes. This inherent laziness in the Brazilians makes the country “unsuitable for manufacturing.” …

The Communist Party censors and screens all media in China and strictly controls what state media outlets publish, leaving little room for the possibility that Ding’s is a minority opinion in Beijing. …

A muscular and confident China is emerging as real competition for the West

Superior to all, not just Brazil:

The Times has not limited itself to criticizing Brazil’s culture, however, publishing a growing number of stories asserting that China’s culture is superior to all.

“In terms of political culture, Chinese civilization may not enjoy the longest history of all ancient civilizations, but it has survived vicissitudes for thousands of years and still prospers — the epitome of Chinese people’s vitality and creation — as well as a reflection of the political culture in Chinese civilization,” one 2017 column read, explaining that the Soviet Union fell because it lacked “traditional Chinese culture,” including the merging of communism with Confucianism. …

A year ago, a column in the newspaper argued that the American opioid crisis was impossible in China because the country lacks “a lax cultural attitude” more prevalent in the United States. The article failed to mention that China is the world’s largest exporter of fentanyl, an opioid responsible for about half of American opioid overdose deaths last year.

The Chinese are certainly not lacking in cultural confidence at the moment. Given their recent attainments, who can be surprised?

Meanwhile the West is swapping out meritocracy for diversity — and consequently becoming stagnant and incompetent. The Chinese are ruthlessly pursuing meritocracy because they want results. The competition is on, and the West is going to lose badly unless our policies change markedly. Ultimately competition will force the West to drop the PC fantasies of our ruling class and return to finding the truth, or else it will become merely a series of vassal states to a superior civilization in Beijing.

hat-tip Stephen Neil