U.N. Official Issues Warning: Mankind ‘in Danger of Disappearing’

U.N. Official Issues Warning: Mankind ‘in Danger of Disappearing’, by Penny Starr.

The United Nations COP24 climate change conference is underway in Poland and officials are warning that manmade pollution could result in death and destruction and even the end of the human race.

Sure buddy, whatever it takes.

The carbon dioxide theory of global warming is due to a modeling error (not a physics error) made decades ago and present in all the current climate models. A little due diligence would have found this — it’s not hard, I found it (book coming along). Checking the output of the models against observed reality alerted about half the West that the models were over heating — and fundamentally wrong.

From Climate Coup—The Politics:

It is one of the oldest scams in human history: witchdoctors go to the rulers and say “the Gods are angry, there will be (more) catastrophes … we know how to appease the Gods, but it will cost you”.

hat-tip Charles