The Only Good Republican Is A Dead Republican

The Only Good Republican Is A Dead Republican, by Kurt Schlicter.

The death of President George H. W. Bush provided liberals and their Fredocon houseboys yet another opportunity to lament the fact that all Republicans aren’t dead. …

They hated Bush 41 with a cold fury. Now, most of the juice box nimrods on social media or piping up on MSNBC were maybe three years old when he was the prezzy, so maybe they don’t remember that the liberals slimed him mercilessly. From the grocery scanner lie to the Willie Horton racism lie, to the wimp lie, it was all lies, all the time. In fact, even today, some libs are off-message and celebrating on Twitter.

Shhhh. You’re supposed to be pretending to revere him!

They did it with John McCain too, through his funeral and its endless sequels. “If only the Republican Party were dominated by a Republican like [Insert Name of Dead Republican Here] instead of that awful, awful Trump!” they sobbed as they shed their crock-adile tears, because it was a crock. There’s never going to be a Republican with a pulse who is not Der Führer reborn. Not McCain. Not Mitt. Not Bush 1.0 or 2.0. And Jeb!, had he become 3.0, would have been Hitler too. …

George Bush’s biggest error:

The Democrats played him like a fiddle, convincing him to raise taxes because, well, everyone thought raising taxes was the right thing to do. At least, everyone he hung out with in DC and read in the papers. And Bush 41 was stunned to find that the people who elected him were really serious about it. By breaking his word – we cannot sugarcoat it – he prompted the rise of populist Ross Perot, thereby allowing the sordid Clintons into the White House. We’re still dealing with their stench today.

Associated Press Pays Touching Tribute To George H.W. Bush: ‘He Wasn’t Hitler’, by the Babylon Bee. Satire?

“George H.W. Bush: he wasn’t Adolf Hitler, at least that we know of,” the headline published to AP’s social media accounts read. The linked story had more kind words to say: “Bush did not appear to actually be Adolf Hitler, despite much work on our part attempting to corroborate these accusations. He also was not Genghis Khan or Charles Manson, as far as we can tell.” …

AP was forced to pull the headline claiming Bush wasn’t Hitler after leftist commenters loudly complained about its inaccuracy.