Alex Turnbull donates $500 to online activist group Sleeping Giants Oz

Alex Turnbull donates $500 to online activist group Sleeping Giants Oz, by Elias Visontay.

Alex Turnbull has publicly donated to an online activist group which has been targeting mainstream media organisations by threatening their advertisers with consumer boycotts on the same day his father called for Scott Morrison to bear the brunt of the Liberal Party’s “brand damage” with an early election.

The Singapore-based hedge fund manager tweeted this afternoon that he had donated $500 to Sleeping Giants Oz, a group which aims “to make racism, bigotry, and misogyny less profitable” by calling on its supporters to publicly boycott companies who advertise with offending programs, to ultimately get those businesses to stop advertising spending during those timeslots.

This year, Sleeping Giants Oz has targeted companies to stop advertising on Sky News programs including Outsiders and The Bolt Report, as well as Alan Jones’ radio broadcasts …

Mr Turnbull made a name for himself during October’s Wentworth by-election campaign when he called for his followers on Twitter to vote against the Liberal candidate in the poll triggered by his father’s resignation from politics. …

“We need to send a message on climate change. This time, don’t give the Liberals your vote,” he tweeted.

hat-tip Joanne