Trump Threatens Another Shutdown If Congress Won’t Approve $5B For Border Wall

Trump Threatens Another Shutdown If Congress Won’t Approve $5B For Border Wall, by Tyler Durden.

President Trump and Congressional Republicans have already abandoned two previous attempts to secure funding for the president’s promised border wall after forcing two brief partial government shutdowns. But with Democrats preparing to take control of the House in January, the president is ready to give it one last shot.

At least that’s what he told Politico during an interview published Wednesday morning. The president said he would veto any funding bill that doesn’t include $5 billion in appropriations to start building his wall on the border. To avert a shutdown, Congress must pass — and the president must sign — seven appropriations bills that have already been negotiated before midnight on Friday Dec. 7.

President Trump apparently still believes that Republicans wouldn’t suffer any political fallout from a shutdown (particularly if it’s done in the name of border security); instead, Democrats would shoulder most of the blame. And given the increasingly violent confrontations between border patrol agents and members of a caravan of migrants from Central America, Trump believes the political winds right now are particularly favorable for approving the wall.

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