Mom Threatens Child Abuse Charge Against Dad for Not Affirming Son as Transgender

Mom Threatens Child Abuse Charge Against Dad for Not Affirming Son as Transgender, by Susan Berry.

A Texas mother has threatened the father of their six-year-old son with a child abuse charge because he will not affirm their son is transgender.

According to a petition to modify the parent-child relationship brought by mother Anne Georgulas, her 6-year-old son, James, is a “gender expansive or transgender child and, by choice, now goes by the name Luna.”

Georgulas, a pediatrician, is seeking to terminate the parental rights of James’ father, Jeffrey Younger, because the child behaves as a boy – his biological sex – when he is with his father. James’ mother also wants Younger to pay for their son’s counseling with a therapist who will affirm his transgender identity, and for transgender hormonal treatments which may begin at age eight. …

James’ mother has diagnosed their son with “gender dysphoria,” a psychological disorder that is characterized by a child’s “persistent, consistent, and insistent” assertion of “their cross-gender statements and behaviors.” However, when James is with his father, he reportedly acts and behaves as a boy by his own choice.

How trendy! How 2010’s! All that progress — what will the next decade bring?

More seriously, might not the kid merely be trying hard to please both parents, living up to each of their expectations? A boy with dad, but transgender with mum?

So what happens if society as a whole expects all kids to behave as feminine? Good bye “toxic” masculinity, perhaps. But why did masculinity evolve? Why do the societies that thrived and survived have such strong masculine traits? Societies without masculine males seem to not be around — maybe there is a good reason for that? Guess we might find out soon, if masculinity continues to be swept away in the West.

hat-tip Barry Corke