Trump and the Ongoing Culture War

Trump and the Ongoing Culture War, by Robert Knight.

Since November 2016, the media and the progressive Left have been pounding the same two claims.

The first is that Donald Trump was not really elected, since Hillary Clinton got more popular votes.

The second is that anyone who voted for Mr. Trump or supports him today is a white male supremacist bigot. And probably homophobic and xenophobic to boot. Regardless of actual race or sex.

Regarding the first claim, Hillary’s national margin of 2.8 million votes can be explained entirely by California, which has become a one-party, socialist state with enormous potential for voter fraud. … If you take California out of the popular vote equation, then Trump wins the rest of the country by 1.4 million votes …

The second claim is the Left’s chosen narrative for smearing anyone not aboard their socialist express. They can’t now credibly claim that Democrats have any workable ideas for the economy, so they’re waging a culture war pitting identity groups against one another. Actually, they’re pitting all identity groups against the dreaded white male bigots. Hence, the “white supremacist” threat will be a constant refrain, along with phony charges of “voter suppression.” …

Well, a lot of people have had enough of our progressively dysfunctional culture, which is the main reason that Donald Trump was elected. Many Americans saw their country being changed beyond recognition into an un-American regime aimed at criminalizing Christianity and common sense while advancing socialism and showing contempt for the economic victims of corporate globalism and technological change. Mr. Trump’s genius was in recognizing the enormous hunger for a champion to stop the drift toward an iron-fisted political correctness.

The cultural war is more a class war in disguise. The new left have abandoned the working class, whom they now regard as deplorables. Instead they are a rich middle to upper class trying to build an electoral majority out of all identity groups except white straight males.