US politics: conservatism isn’t dead and the PC brigade should be aware

US politics: conservatism isn’t dead and the PC brigade should be aware, by Bobby Jindal.

Liberals have championed the sexual revolution to overturn traditional mores around ethics and marriage, and to promote freedom from restraint as the ultimate sexual — though not economic — good.

Pursuing pleasure and abandoning restraint make for popular bumper stickers, song lyrics and movie plots. Yet the benefits of monogamy and fidelity, for both adults and the children they bring into the world, have been demonstrated repeatedly.

Marriage and intact families are correlated with higher incomes, stronger economic growth, upward mobility, higher workforce-participation rates, decreased child poverty and lower dropout rates. Indeed, marriage is most common and more enduring among affluent, educated Americans. Liberal elites would rather folks do as they say, rather than as they do. …

Cognitive dissonance, mental agility, nuance, sophistication and other fancy terms describe the dilemma facing liberal students over whether to “believe their lying eyes” or their liberal professors. The left’s effort to shut down free and open debate and banish people with opposing views is a tacit admission that they lack confidence in their own arguments.

Before the advent of Christianity there was an ethos of “might makes right”, and sexual slavery was rife. Many welcomed Christianity as a shelter from exploitation, and a much fairer go for the masses. As the progressives now strip back the Christian sexual ethos, we are in danger of slipping back into the ways of nastier times.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, via Tip of the Spear