Julia Banks quits Liberal Party to sit on crossbench

Julia Banks quits Liberal Party to sit on crossbench, by Rosie Lewis.

The Morrison government has lost another seat in federal parliament with Victorian Liberal MP Julia Banks announcing she will immediately move to the crossbench as an independent … plunging Scott Morrison further into minority government.

However Ms Banks said she would give the government support on key issues of confidence and supply.

In a bombshell announcement to the House of Representatives, she cited the leadership coup against former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull as the main reason for defecting to the crossbench, saying her colleagues were driven by their individual self-promotion rather than the Australian public. …

“After being a Labor-held seat for 18 years, the people of Chisholm elected me as I promised them that I would be their representative under the leadership of the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and former deputy leader and foreign minister Julie Bishop, both visionary inspiring leaders of sensible centrist liberal values with integrity and intellect and with significant support from my local community and across Australia as leaders of our nation,” Ms Banks said. …

Ms Banks was hugged by fellow independents including Cathy McGowan, Rebekha Sharkie and Kerryn Phelps after making her announcement.

It all rather depends on whether one believes the PC fantasies and the media who promote them, or prefer reality. Blue pill or red pill?

Like other establishment right wing parties all over the western world, the Australian Liberal Party is being torn in two between those who go the way of PC and those who prefer conservative traditions.

Electorates elsewhere are increasingly seeing little point in a PC right wing major party — its support dwindles and it loses elections to the left wing party who wholeheartedly believes in the PC way. The same will probably happen in Australia.

In the upcoming period of Labor Government federally, the right side of politics needs to sort itself out and regroup.