Australian Newspoll: majority backs laws to protect religions

Australian Newspoll: majority backs laws to protect religions, by Joe Kelly.

The Newspoll shows 59 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of new laws to protect ­individuals, schools and companies because of their religious beliefs compared with 26 per cent opposed to change.

About two-thirds or 65 per cent of Coalition voters supported a strengthening of protections for religious freedoms; 57 per cent of Labor voters also backed the need for more robust ­protections.

Greens voters also overwhelmingly backed new laws to protect religious freedoms, with 63 per cent saying they were in favour of change compared with 50 per cent of One Nation ­voters. …

Attorney-General Christian Porter has made it clear that the government will support the ­removal of the exemption in the Sex Discrimination Act allowing schools the ability to discriminate against students.

However, he will not remove the exemption that exists for teachers … Faith-based educators have argued that the exemption gives them the legal protection to insist on the employment of staff who uphold the fundamental religious mission of the school. …

Some Christian schools have warned they will face an existential threat and could face claims of direct discrimination for promoting a biblical view of marriage if the exemptions were removed from the Sex Discrimination Act.

hat-tip Stephen Neil