Victorian Smash Now, Scott Morrison Next

Victorian Smash Now, Scott Morrison Next, by Andrew Bolt.

Do any Liberals still doubt, after the wipe-out in Victoria, that Scott Morrison’s federal government will get smashed, too?

Then replay Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’s victory speech on Saturday — the part of it that explains exactly why the Liberals are dying.

“We live our values, we keep our promises, and we get things done,” growled Andrews, as scores of red-shirted volunteers cheered.

Could Prime Minister Scott Morrison say one syllable of that with Andrews’ mad-dog conviction?

What values do today’s Liberals even have? How many promises have Morrison’s Liberals kept? What things have they got done?

And could Morrison find mobs of party volunteers as committed and excited as Labor’s, backed by armies from the unions and GetUp?

The Victorian Liberals sure couldn’t find them. Watching the Sky News coverage, I saw several Liberal MPs speaking from halls almost empty of people or bunting.

No wonder. Where’s the fun of being Liberal these days? What’s the point?

The establishment Liberal Party are like the establishment US Republicans. They think big government and the swamp are ok when they are in charge, sitting on the leather ministerial seats and drawing the big salaries. They have become more than a little persuaded by politically correct ideas — trained by the media, the academics, and the bureaucracy.

As Bolt says, what’s the point? What’s in it for the rest of us? Why should we vote for them? Why not just vote Labor? They are ripe for being replaced by someone or a competent party that fights for less swamp, less government, and less political correctness.