Why Our Schools Produce Brainwashed Dolts

Why Our Schools Produce Brainwashed Dolts, by Tony Thomas.

Kids are now drafted by teachers as activists for a panoply of Left causes masquerading as ‘sustainability’. (The big one currently is “Stop Adani coal”).

Teacher and educrat unionists don’t need to spruik in schools for their party — they just spruik for their party’s favorite causes (e.g. “human rights and refugees”; “100% renewables”). It’s career-safe, it gets the electoral job done, and credit can be claimed for promoting kids’ “critical thinking”. As a further bulwark against criticism, teachers en masse deliver not their own material but pre-packaged lessons provided mainly online by green/left advocacy groups which even back extremist anti-capitalism — but which are always careful not to mention political parties.

The national curriculum stresses activism. It remarks that sustainability learning areas “contribute to the development of worldviews necessary for students to act to create a more socially and ecologically just world.” …

Left brainwashing in schools is a mostly hidden exercise. Why would Labor and the Greens draw attention to their insidious success? Now and then conservative parents are shocked when their kids spout a green talking-point but shrug it off as random juvenile idealism.

Letting the cat out of the bag:

But at Woodville High in SA, teacher and union delegate Regina Wilson has done the cause a cruel disservice by posting on her union Facebook page (believing it would not become public):

“I am going to try to ensure that the next generation of voters in my classroom don’t vote Liberal, without being political of course, as I won’t tell my students what to think, but I teach them how to be critical thinkers who question those in power and especially those who seek to keep the status quo for the rich, upper classes…”

Labor’s Tanya Plibersek weighed in, saying “Schools need to teach kids how to think not what to think.” Nice one, Tanya. But how much “critical thinking” is ever advocated by teachers against her own party’s policies?

Nice head tilt, Tanya.

The key cause “Sustainability” means whatever the teachers and bureaucrats want it to mean, with concepts like “social justice”, “equity”, “fairness” and “global citizenship” tacked on — each a code for the progressives’ tilt on politics.