The left’s cultural and demographic dominance, deliberately making the white middle and working classes irrelevant to politics

The left’s cultural and demographic dominance, deliberately making the white middle and working classes irrelevant to politics, by David Cole.

The right has started to employ the left’s language to push its agenda. For example, when rightists who have a national stage (in the U.S., and perhaps more so in Europe) oppose Muslim immigration, they do so by stressing how “homophobic” Muslims are, or how Islam is offensive to “feminist values.” Mentioning race or demographics is forbidden. The right is allowing the left to dictate the parameters of permissible discourse, and many rightists only feel comfortable if they can state their case in a way that appeals to the delicate ears of leftists.

“Affirmative action is bad because it’s racist! It discriminates against Asians!” Can’t we just say that it’s bad because it corrupts basic notions of merit and takes away the freedom of employers to hire the best candidates? No, we still have to act as if no issue has value unless it alleviates the suffering of “people of color.” It’s like the Dinesh D’Souza trope about how “Democrats are the real racists.” That talking point only bolsters leftist canon by supporting the notion that “fighting racists” is the be-all and end-all of politics. Rightists may think they’re being clever by co-opting the left’s language, but in fact all they’re doing is solidifying the left’s core concepts as unquestioned truth.

Is the West doomed to a leftist death?

Mark Weber is pessimistic. He sees no long-term survival strategy for the West. In Western Europe, ballot stuffing isn’t necessary; far-right politicians can simply be jailed for their rhetoric (hence the practicality of adopting “inoffensive,” leftist-friendly language). And when there is a popular vote, if the left wins (abortion in Ireland, gay marriage in Australia), the results are set in stone. But if the right wins (Brexit), it’s nonstop do-overs and stalling. That’s just how it goes….

People on the right are always expected to sit back and be okay with election losses and unwanted cultural shifts (gay marriage, abortion, tranny rights, amnesty, refugees), while leftists are never expected to get used to anything that displeases them. If something doesn’t go their way, leftists engender countless do-overs, and if the do-overs fail, they change the rules to ensure that they win in the future. …

Jared Taylor adds some keen insight:

Social media continues to deplatform rightists … because … “the left knows we are dangerous, and that our ideas have great appeal.”

“As usual, the left overplays its hand, and is now making a virtue out of expressing outright hatred for whites,” Jared noted. This includes “the casual way nearly every Republican is called not just a racist but a ‘white supremacist.’ The left is drawing explicit racial battle lines, turning all politics into identity politics. Whites are the last to realize that their skin is their uniform, but I think this reality will eventually be forced on them.” …

“I have been in this business a long time, and when I was young, white advocates were OLD and WEIRD. Now they are normal, attractive, thoughtful people — mostly men, but with some attractive women, too.”

Jared stressed that another long-term error the left is making is “calling everyone just a little bit to the right a white nationalist. They are constantly demonizing it, of course, but if Trump and Steven King and Ron DeSantis are ‘white nationalists,’ their supporters are going to begin to think maybe white nationalism isn’t so bad.”

I agree that the left is pushing white, working-class Americans further to the right, but I don’t think leftists care, because they’re trying to ensure that the views of white, working-class Americans no longer matter. Through immigration, demographic change, systemic voter fraud, the influence of public unions, and deplatforming, the left is forging a future America in which winning the hearts and minds of ordinary whites will no longer be necessary to win elections. If leftists have learned one thing from post-WWII Western Europe, it’s how to silence a majority population by law.

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