SBS’s ‘sexism’ doco is just blatant propaganda

SBS’s ‘sexism’ doco is just blatant propaganda, by Bettina Arndt.

Only 19 per cent of Aust­ralians identify as feminist. Almost half the population (45 per cent) feel feminism has gone too far. Most (76 per cent) feel men suffer from sexism, too. …

Every day I receive emails from people nation­wide shocked at the treatment of men in their lives, a major reason feminism is losing its appea­l. Many are stunned to see laws, rules and regu­lations so favouring women at men’s expense. The excesses of the #MeToo campaign are examples of blatant disregard for fair treatment.

But there are many others. There’s good reason six out of the eight people who kill themselves in Australia each day are men. The injustices faced by men and boys in our society are well known in the community but rarely make it on to the public agenda: rampant false domestic violence accusations, fathers struggling to see children after divorce, paternity fraud, unequal health funding, education pitched to favour girls, the constant demonisa­tion of male sexuality. …

The feminist grip on our institutions can’t be overstated.

‘Blatant spin’: SBS accused of sifting data to show ‘sexist’ Australia, by Sam Buckingham-Jones

SBS has been accused of cherry-picking results from research on sexism in Australia to produce a “blatant propaganda exercise” documentary that concludes Australia is an overwhelmingly sexist country towards women.

hat-tip Stephen Neil