Asia Bibi family being hunted ‘house to house’ in Pakistan

Asia Bibi family being hunted ‘house to house’ in Pakistan, by Harriet Sherwood.

The family of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman who spent eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy before being acquitted three weeks ago, claim they are being hunted by extremists going house to house with their photographs to try to track them down. …

Bibi’s family have been in hiding since her acquittal by the country’s supreme court. She is in protective custody as part of a deal between the government and a hardline Islamic party, under which violent protests were called off while a review of the court ruling was undertaken. …

Bibi’s lawyer, who fled Pakistan shortly after the court ruling saying his life was in danger, said this week that talks on asylum were under way with several European countries. …

Bibi, a farm labourer, was accused by Muslim villagers of insulting the prophet Muhammad in a row over a cup of water. The supreme court judgment said there was no evidence to support the charge.

Robert Spencer:

Remember: this woman has already been in prison on death row for eight years. She was acquitted by the Pakistani Supreme Court, which found the evidence that she had “blasphemed” insufficient. Yet the Muslim mobs that are hunting for her are avid to spill her blood.

Remember also that they have never, ever gotten upset about the jihad murderers who have supposedly hijacked their religion, at least according to innumerable Western non-Muslim politicians. Clearly there are massive numbers of people in Pakistan whose world view is exactly the same as that of the jihadis.

Setting an example for others. Are you going to defy the Mullahs? Even now, throughout the West, most everyone is too frightened to draw Mohammad or criticize Islam. Is that fear increasing or decreasing in the West? Did anyone mention immigration?

hat-tip Stephen Neil