‘Decisive action is required’, Advance Australia national director Gerard Benedet says

‘Decisive action is required’, says Advance Australia national director Gerard Benedet.

Over the past decade, a growing sense of unease has been felt by an increasing number of Australians about the direction in which our country has been heading.

Our country has been slowly drifting further and further away from our mainstream values and freedoms. This has occurred not because of any single momentous event, but rather through a series of incremental changes pushed through by the left-wing activists without your permission or say-so. …

This steady shift to the left can be witnessed in any number of policy areas from energy and education through to the corrosive effects of identity politics on our national debate.

Inch by inch, the left has steadily made gains while mainstream Australia has been left voiceless. …

Sounds like Advance Australia are going to have a go at doing something about the left’s cultural dominance in Australia. Haven’t heard them mention the ABC yet, only GetUp.

hat-tip Stephen Neil