Testimonials from “Modesty for Men”

Testimonials from the “Modesty for Men” site include:

I was so glad that I learned to unlead. Thanks to Modesty for Men I can now see that other people’s perspectives are valid and sometimes even worth listening to. This was a revelation.

— John, 55, professor

For a long time I was fed up with all the women’s leadership events at work. ‘What about a leadership seminar for men?!’ I asked. Repeatedly. So I was glad when my company announced it was hosting an event just for us. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but the brilliant M4M facilitators made me question why I fail to acknowledge my own male privilege. I will still fail to acknowledge it, but now I will question why.

— Nick, 32, accountant

The Modesty 4 Men ‘speaking in’ seminar made me realise that I don’t always have to interrupt my colleagues. Sometimes what I have to contribute probably isn’t that important after all.

— Jason, 45, CFO

As it says in small print down the bottom, “quotes are totally made up and 0% real.” Enjoy.

hat-tip Barry