Boys are Growing Frustrated by Living in a Feminized Society… and That’s Showing Up in Their Friendships

Boys are Growing Frustrated by Living in a Feminized Society… and That’s Showing Up in Their Friendships, by Annie Holmquist.

I burst out laughing the other day while reading a friend’s Facebook status. He explained that he and his two grade school sons were watching Anne of Green Gables when they came to the part where Anne and Diana have a conversation while standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. The youngest son suddenly blurted out, “Anne better watch out, Diana might push her off the cliff.”

In amazement, my friend looked at his son and asked if he thought girl friendships were the same as the physical, often rough-and-tumble one which existed between him and his brother. The conversation ended in hysterical laughter as all three of them recognized just how different male interactions are from female ones. …

Rules are great and necessary, but the fact is, we’re disallowing boys to be boys. We’ve taken away toys like guns and swords because they’re “dangerous.” We’ve medicated little boys because their movements and noise are too much for us to take. We’ve tried to make sure girls are equal and included, and thus removed the institutions where boys don’t have to compete against those of the opposite sex. …

Is it time to stop treating the traditional, rough-and-tumble boy like a dangerous creature who must be toned down to suit feminized society?

Yes. Well past time. Or a more masculine society will push ours out of the way, permanently. And us. Is our feminist society so confident that our men can keep on producing the technologically superior weapons that give us the military edge that allows our society to survive and thrive? Are they concerned that demotivated men won’t want to fight for their society? I’ll bet they don’t even think about it.

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