Under-fire Theresa May vows to fight for her job ‘with every fibre of my being’ despite open warfare with mutineers over Brexit crisis

Under-fire Theresa May vows to fight for her job ‘with every fibre of my being’ despite open warfare with mutineers over Brexit crisis, by Hugo Gye.

On a day of extreme drama in Westminster:

  • Mrs May confronted MPs in the Commons where she insisted her deal is the only one available
  • A wave of resignations – with seven MPs quitting – shook the Government
  • DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds accused Mrs May of breaking her promises in a devastating attack that practically ripped up the deal which props up her Government
  • The dangers to her leadership were turbo-charged as dozens of MPs sent in letters calling for her to go
  • But Mrs May insisted she would still push the withdrawal agreement to a Commons vote next month. …
  • Top Eurocrat Donald Tusk insisted Brexit can still be reversed

This is obviously false:

The PM said she was sorry to see four ministers quit the Government in protest against her Brexit deal but insisted there is no prospect of reopening talks with Brussels to try and strike a better agreement.

A leadership challenge is on:

Furious Tories led by Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson led an emergency meeting this afternoon where plotters launched a revolt against the PM.

Mr Rees-Mogg, who chairs the powerful European Research Group of pro-Brexit Tories, today called for Mrs May to resign – adding that a Brexiteer such as BoJo should replace her.

His decision to send a letter to backbench chief Graham Brady backing a leadership challenge will encourage allies to do likewise – putting the PM’s career in mortal danger.

It is amazing what May is proposing. She is essentially letting the EU set British tax rates and anything else that affects economic competitiveness, forever. And never leaving the customs union, and allowing Northern Ireland to become a less equal part of the UK.

That is not exit, that is vassalage. To a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels. Why?

It seems the UK elite are simply determined to give away sovereignty to Brussels. Presumably it is part of their drive to be free of democracy, which entails having to suck up to all those British deplorables for their votes.

The British elite have got used to having things their way. THey’d rather not have democracy, thanks.  It’s their country, and this is the way they’d prefer to run it — if the deplorables let them. Interesting times.