Theresa May unites Remainers and Brexiteers — against her

Theresa May unites Remainers and Brexiteers — against her, by Greg Sheridan.

Theresa May has pulled off a mirac­ulous achievement — she has united ardent Brexiteers and ­devoted Remainers into a single unity ticket. They all hate her deal with the EU, and think it the worst you could possibly imagine, much worse than the membership of the EU that the British people voted in 2016 to ­repudiate. …

The Prime Minister’s exquisite negative ­genius here — in producing the very worst possible deal ­imaginable — may make her both the most incompetent and potentially the most destructive political leader Britain has had, at least since World War II.

Her crazy deal is worse than either remaining or no deal:

The absurdity of what May has agreed to is almost beyond parody. In order, allegedly, to avoid erecting a proper border between the Republic of Ireland, an indepe­nd­ent nation, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, May has agreed that the whole of Britain will stay in the customs union for the time being.

However, there is no time limit for how long Britain is to stay in, and no mechanism by which it can decide to leave the customs union unless the EU agrees.

This is truly insane. It puts Britain in an infinitely worse position than it was in formerly as a member of the EU. At least as a member of the EU it always had the right to leave the EU. Moreover, it had a certain degree of influence as overall the strongest national power in Europe. …

Democracy? Oh that’s sooo 20th century.

At every level, this is a profoundly undemocratic proposed settlement. It ties Britain even more closely into EU regulation than it was before, after the people voted decisively to leave the EU.

In some respects, this is the triump­h of the British establishment, which always opposed Brexit, against the democratic will of voters. It’s a very EU outcome — it doesn’t matter how you vote, or how often, you’ll still have to do as you’re told. Eurocrats rule!

hat-tip Stephen Neil