France Has Neither Nationalism nor Patriotism

France Has Neither Nationalism nor Patriotism, by David Goldman.

Just 29% of the French are willing to fight for their country, according to a 2017 WIN/Gallup poll, a bit above Germany’s 18%. Contrast that to 84% of Israel’s Jewish population. That’s “patriotism” or “nationalism,” as you prefer.

All Europeans want is an untroubled journey to extinction. As it happens, there is a reasonably tight statistical relationship between the total fertility rate and readiness to defend one’s country. In the case of France, I used the estimated fertility rate for women born in France (migrants push up the total).

Shame the graph doesn’t label a few more points.

Why should any European lay down his life for the welfare of future generations, when there aren’t going to be any future generations?

Ahh the French. Always there when they need you.