Look at the obvious, Dr Anne Aly

Look at the obvious, Dr Anne Aly, by The Mocker.

“I think the Prime Minister needs to do a little bit of Terrorism 101 before he starts talking in short phrases and catch phrases and know what he’s talking about before he starts dividing communities and pointing fingers at radical Islam,” said a smug Dr Anne Aly, Federal Labor MP, Egyptian-born Muslim and former counter-terrorism academic”

Look! A squirrel!

“The biggest victims of violence in Australia aren’t victims of violent terrorism: they are victims of domestic violence.” [she said.]

It’s hard to hide, after 1,400 years of precedents:

It raises the question of which religion, if not radical Islam, is fostering terrorism. The Mormons or Hare Krishna perhaps? …

She also disregards the fact that the enormous resources in Australia devoted to counter-terrorism have thwarted numerous atrocities, including bombings, stabbings, beheadings, and allegedly in one case, an attempt to bring down a plane carrying hundreds of passengers. As I write this reports are coming in of three Muslim men — Ahmed Mohamed, Abdullah Chaarani, and Hamza Abbas — having been found guilty of conspiring to carry out a mass slaughter in Federation Square in retaliation for Australia’s opposition to Islamic State. Would it be unreasonable to conclude radical Islam may have had something to do with their motivation? …

Last year she wanted blasphemy laws to protect Islam:

Her remarks last year on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which makes it unlawful to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person based on their race, colour, or national or ethnic origin, embarrassed the Opposition. Despite Labor’s stance that there was no need to amend the section, Aly said there was “scope to assess” extending 18C to cover religion. “I think we have definitely seen an increase in anti-Islamic rhetoric,” she said, effectively asking for a restoration of blasphemy laws. …

Brought up in a totalitarian ideology, where is Anne now?

In 2014, then an academic, she described sharia law as “guidelines for life”.

Commenting in 2015 on impressionable young Muslim men lured into fighting jihad, she clumsily said “I think we have to get our heads round the fact that there might be something nice about ISIS that these people are attracted to.”

That same year she claimed the government’s response to countering violent extremism had “disproportionately focused on the Australian Muslim communities”. …

More squirrels:

[In 2015] Aly addressed the University of Western Sydney’s National Advancing Community Cohesion Conference — Towards a National Compact conference. “Violent extremism isn’t just a Muslim problem in Australia,” she said. “The numbers are staggering and growing in right-wing extremism.”

“While we continue to wrestle with the very real threat of violent jihadist extremism perpetrated by those who identify with Daesh (Islamic State), wrote Aly in a Guardian column days later, “we should also remain aware of the emergence of other forms of extremism that are equally threatening.”


Referring to a rally that month by the far-right group Reclaim Australia, Aly criticised Australia’s leaders for not speaking out, she wrote: “The dome of silence that has descended over our political leadership and the failure of Tony Abbott to condemn the Reclaim movement speak volumes.”

This is where Aly’s enormous double standard becomes obvious. On one hand she demands our leaders condemn anti-Islamic movements, yet when two prime ministers do the same against radical Islam and appeal for the co-operation of Muslim leaders, she accuses them of being divisive. …

Uh huh:

“There is actually no empirical evidence to support the claim that religion (any religion) and ideology are the primary motivators of violent extremism,” she wrote in 2015. Seriously?

In the aftermath of Sydney’s Lindt Café siege at the hands of Man Haron Monis, she asserted “These modern-day lone-wolf terrorists may be more like lone gunmen than terrorists.” On the day this siege ended she said of Monis “from all reports he was mentally unstable”.

Contrary to Aly’s premature assurances, a coroner would later find Monis “acted in a controlled, planned and quite methodical manner marked by deliberation and choice” and that he “was not suffering from a diagnosable categorical psychiatric disorder that deprived him of the capacity to understand the nature of what he was doing”.

Reader M chips in with an interesting point, commenting on Aly speaking on ABC Radio recently:

Dr. Aly Commenced with THE condolence message/expression of horror and then proceeded with THE equivocation, as if using the precise template that Donald Trump and gun lobbyists typically use after a mass shooting: (paraphrasing)

  • I couldn’t be more saddened, appalled…sincerest sympathy …

BUT ….

  • nothing needs to change
  • the authorities failed
  • mental health problem not gun/Moslem problem

PS: Had my first and second cappuccino and spaghetti bolognese at Pellegrini’s, in school holidays some years past.

The Shorten Labor team will very likely be elected to government in the middle of 2019. With Dr Aly in their ranks (unless she loses her seat — her margin is narrow), will they continue the recent tradition of pretending that Islam is “the religion of peace”, or will they stop the pretense and become much more serious about protecting us from its fundamentalists?