White Women Gonna White

White Women Gonna White, by Jim Goad.

Amid all the brain-damaged gibberish you hear about intersectionality and the progressive stack, the unfortunate truth for white women is that when the modern leftist identity-politics coalition views whiteness as Public Enemy #1, white women will always be shoved to the back of the bus.

Even black men get to speak first. But not before the black women get to speak. And definitely not before the black Muslim gals get to speak. And they aren’t even allowed to utter a peep before the black lesbian Muslim women have their say. But wait — here comes a black lesbian Muslim in a wheelchair — she gets to drive the bus!

Has it occurred for even a moment to any of these battery-operated cretins that white women sense in their guts that no matter how much propaganda they’re fed about how white men hate them and try to oppress them, in the real world white men hate them far less than black women despise their soft white asses? …

White women who wish to join this blinkered rainbow coalition must accept the fact that the minute they find themselves around anyone who is perceived to “enjoy” more oppression than they do, they must zip their lips and allow themselves to be scolded and shamed and lectured and silenced.

No matter how they wish they could crawl out of their skin, progressive white women will always be white and forever unwelcome in the progressive movement.