Now the Uptight Left Wants to Destroy Victoria’s Secret

Now the Uptight Left Wants to Destroy Victoria’s Secret, by John Nolte.

Victoria’s Secret is under withering fire from the uptight left over its lack of “representation.” This is not about race, creed, or color, mind you… This is about Victoria’s Secret not putting biological men transsexuals transgenders and fat people plus-size models in its lingerie catalog and fashion show. …

Fun and escapism and fantasy can no longer be allowed, you see, because fun and escapism and fantasy are controversial and will remain controversial to a point where a Victoria’s Secret is being threatened with the red smear of a Scarlet Letter until it agrees to destroy its own brand. …

If you want fashion shows and lingerie catalogs filled with biological fellas* transsexuals** transgenders and fat people*** plus-size models, BY ALL MEANS, do it!

Knock yourselves out.

That is the American way, and you have my full support.

What is not American, though, what is un-American, in fact, is this relentless bullying, intimidating, and threatening of others to do something they do not want to do.

via Tip of the Spear