Melbourne terror: Sheik Mohammed Omran tells ‘bloody PM’ Morrison: ‘blame police … not us’

Melbourne terror: Sheik Mohammed Omran tells ‘bloody PM’ Morrison: ‘blame police … not us’. By Chip Le Grand.

The spiritual leader of the Islamic youth centre where Bourke Street terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali ­attended prayer sessions has ­accused Scott Morrison of making the Muslim community a scapegoat to distract from the failure of police and intelligence services to prevent Friday’s attack.

Mohammed Omran, the emir of the Hume Islamic Youth Centre close to Shire Ali’s Meadow Heights home, dismissed the “bloody Prime Minister’s’’ call for imams to do more to stop Islamic extremists, saying the greatest power he had was to dial triple-0 when confronted with a threat. …

The HIYC, a sprawling mosque, cafe, gym and bookstore in the Melbourne suburb of ­Coolaroo, has seen a procession of jihadists and would-be terrorists through its doors, including domestic terror plotters and suicide bombers who killed themselves in Iraq.

Sheik Omran — the most senior Australian figure in the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah movement, which adheres to a strict, salafist interpretation of Islam — said the “Prime Minister’’ needed to be ­accountable for the failure of government agencies before he blamed Islamic leaders. …

Sheik Omran’s outburst at the Prime Minister comes as The Australian can reveal that Shire Ali’s partner, who has been radicalised, is not co-operating with investigators trying to reconstruct the terrorist’s last movements.

Standard operating practice for Muslims — it’s never their fault, it’s always the fault of the non-Muslims. Been that way for 1,400 years.

Did you know there are no churches allowed in Saudi Arabia?

We suspect Humpty upset the Saudis   (from The Spectator)

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