Fox News personality and National Review contributor Kat Timpf chased out of Brooklyn bar

Fox News personality and National Review contributor Kat Timpf chased out of Brooklyn bar, by Jack Crowe.

A woman she had never met became enraged upon learning she worked in conservative media. Timpf, who has twice previously been harassed while socializing in New York City, … described the incident:

After arriving at the bar, Timpf became separated from her friends and found herself in conversation with a woman she didn’t know, who inquired about her occupation. Timpf explained that she worked at Fox News and the conversation proceeded unremarkably. A while later, Timpf was confronted by a second woman, who, upon learning she worked at Fox News, became enraged and began shouting at her in a threatening manner.

“This girl started going nuts on me, screaming at me to get out of the bar. I found her very threatening,” Timpf said of the woman, whom she had never met before. She said she tried to move to another section of the large bar but the young woman followed her while continuing to scream.

The woman, who was visibly intoxicated at the time, was surrounded by a large group of men and women who all stood by and laughed as she harassed Timpf and followed her around the bar. After realizing no one in the group would defend her in what might become a violent situation, Timpf was forced to flee the bar.

We need separate media so non-PC views can be heard, separate Internet where we won’t be censored, separate bars and restaurants so non-PC spokespeople can socialize in peace, separate neighborhoods so activist mobs don’t come and scream at people for saying non-PC things …

Where is this leading? Separate states? Separate countries? All the PC virtue signalers move to one country, and non-PC people can have another country and be left in peace? Then the activist would merely scream at non-PC people at the UN and airports. Hmmm, got to be a better way. How do we deal with two-year old tantrums from adults? How do we deal with the famously intolerant — Islam, modern PC lefties, and communists?