Australian PM adamant that Melbourne Islamic terrorist was an Islamic terrorist, dismisses the usual excuses

Australian PM adamant that Melbourne Islamic terrorist was an Islamic terrorist, dismisses the usual excuses. By Mark Schiliebs.

Scott Morrison says the Bourke Street terrorist’s past substance abuse and alleged mental health issues are an “excuse” and that he would continue to call out extremist Islam.

Victoria Police said this morning it had been unable to find any evidence yet that Hassan Kalif Shire Ali suffered from mental health issues before he stabbed three people in Melbourne on Friday.

The Prime Minister said this morning that extremist Islam is “the elephant in the room” and that Shire Ali’s reported marital struggles and substance abuse did not deter from the fact he was radicalised.

“I’m not going to make excuses … he was a terrorist. He was a radicalised extremist terrorist.”

The Prime Minister has come under pressure for saying over the weekend that extremist Islam was “the greatest threat of religious extremism in the country”.

Scott Morrison is calling out the BS and blaming this on Islamic fundamentalism! Well done. At last. Standing up to our ruling class and protecting us. There’s more!

Mr Morrison said this morning he consulted with a Muslim community leader before he made those comments, and that commentators accusing him of “dog whistling” are making excuses for terror.

“That is the same lame, old, tired excuse for not dealing with this problem as has always been served up,” he said.

Even the ABC News reported that the terrorist was Islamic (mentioned briefly only, of course) and Somali. Just couldn’t deny it I suppose. Maybe the ABC are making some concessions to reality — it’s only been 17 years and 34,108 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 — which means the Australian opinion-making borg will follow suit. Some people are more perceptive than others.

Scott, maybe now would be a good time to drop some hints to our PC masters that maybe Islam is not the religion of peace, and that it’s more a totalitarian ideology than another religion like say Buddhism or Christianity?

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Shire Ali communicated ­online with Australia’s most ­notorious jihadist, Islamic State terrorist leader Khaled Sharrouf before he drove an on-fire 4WD into Bourke Street last week and stabbed three people. Shire Ali was shot dead by police.

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