Imams, Muslim groups outraged by PM’s ‘divisive’ Bourke Street comments

Imams, Muslim groups outraged by PM’s ‘divisive’ Bourke Street comments, demand apology. By SBS (taxpayer funded, left, PC).

The Australian National Imams Council is among a number of Muslim organisations accusing Prime Minister Scott Morrison of politicising Friday’s Bourke Street attack that left one man dead and two others injured.

The Council called the attack a national tragedy but said it was “outraged” by the Prime Minister’s recent comments linking Islam to a radical and dangerous ideology. …

Outrage at the obvious. Oh no, not us! Duh:

(Any apologies? No, didn’t think so.)

The Forum On Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) joined the Council in saying the PM’s assertions, while condemning the attack, were incorrect.

“The Muslim community will not be scapegoated and we will endeavour to keep Australia safe where we can, but the actions of a mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode, is not the fault of a whole religious community,” a FAIR spokesperson said.

We demand the withdrawal of his comments and an apology to the Muslim community.

Richard Spencer:

Now wait a minute. He was screaming “Allahu akbar” during his attack, and not only that: “The 31-year-old and his family were known to counter-terror agencies at a state and national level and were believed to have ties with north African extremist groups. His passport was cancelled several years ago after he was noted as one of 300 potential security risks.”

That’s not a “mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode.” That’s a committed, hardened jihadi.

Moreover, the Prime Minister called out “radical, violent, extremist Islam that opposes our very way of life.” That is not scapegoating or blaming a “whole religious community.” All this whining and complaining about scapegoating is just a dodge.

The problem here is that there are Islamic texts and teachings that call for and incite violence against unbelievers. Morrison is right to note that by referring to “radical, violent, extremist Islam.” Instead of facing that and working to find ways to fight against the literal understanding of these passages so that their capacity to incite violence is blunted, the Muslim groups are excoriating Morrison for daring to note the ideological derivation of attacks such as Hassan Khalif Shire Ali’s. And so those texts and teachings will go unexamined, no efforts will be made to confront them and find ways to neutralize them, and Australia will suffer many more jihad attacks.

Islam’s apologists continue their 1400 years of disinformation.

“Divisive” just means non-PC, when PC people use it. It means they disagree, and therefore opinion is divided. Pay no attention.

hat-tip Stephen Neil