Australian Debate Over Islamic Terrorism Fires Up: Maybe Now it is a Thing for Our PC Opinion Makers?

Australian Debate Over Islamic Terrorism Fires Up: Maybe Now It Is a Thing for Our PC Opinion Makers? By Samantha Hutchinson.

The Australian revealed today that Shire Ali communicated ­online with Australia’s most ­notorious jihadist, Islamic State terrorist leader Khaled Sharrouf before he drove an on-fire 4WD into Bourke Street last week and stabbed three people. Shire Ali was shot dead by police.

Mr Dutton has spent the past few years pushing laws that would make it easier to remove citizenship from suspected terrorists and deport them, but his efforts have been blocked in the Senate.

He said this morning he was looking at “different ways” to change citizenship laws.

Labor backbencher and counter-extremism expert Anne Aly blasted Scott Morrison on the weekend for calling out “Islamic extremism”. But both Bill Shorten and Mr Andrews backed the Prime Minister’s comments.

Mr Dutton said again this morning that the Islamic community must “do more” to stop terrorists. …

Opposition communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland said Labor did stand ready to deport extremists and that the Muslim community was working hard to stop terrorism.

Maybe this terrorist attack is the catalyst for sea-change in Australia?

Maybe the example set by Mr Trump is decisive? Standing up to PC stupidities — like “Islam is the religion of peace” — is not only possible, it is popular.

Or maybe an election is looming and the PC class know they had better appear like they care for our safety.

hat-tip Stephen Neil