Africa Destroyed; Poster-Child for Liberalism

Africa Destroyed; Poster-Child for Liberalism, by Hannes Wessels. Look what decolonization has wrought:

The continental catastrophe that has engulfed Africa may go down in history as the greatest, politically motivated, human calamity of all time. Hundreds of millions of poverty-stricken people are getting poorer while an ever diminishing, tiny elite get richer and richer.

Central authority in most countries is dissipating, legal strictures introduced by the colonial administrations have disintegrated and the rule of ‘might of right’ is back. Countries in the traditional sense of the word are ceasing to exist as borders are eviscerated by tribal allegiances trumping national identities. Warlords, and tyrannical traditional leaders have assumed control over vast swathes of sub-Saharan Africa and they rule ruthlessly….

Africa for Africans (but white countries for everybody — that’s different, deplorables):

If you were white and you had the temerity to suggest you were African by birth-right, loved your country, wanted to stay and work in your homeland for the better of all and entitled to the same fundamental human rights as other ethnic groups you were quickly condemned as a member of a racist, renegade white-supremacist tribe that did little other than extort and enrich itself at the expense of a benighted black populace.

Under this sort of racial cover, Euro-Africans were effectively reclassified from 1957 onwards as non-human in the sense that normal human rights such as those pertaining to property and citizenship did not apply to them. …

Russia knows a bargain:

From Russia comes the news that Vladimir Putin’s government is keen to welcome 15,000 ‘Boers’ to farm in Georgia. Putin’s team is shrewd and they are not blinded by the modern-day demands of political-correctness; they know these are some of the finest and toughest farmers in the world, embrace a Christian ethos and they know they will make a massive contribution to Russian agriculture. …

Trump saves South Africa from itself, for now:

And in a rare break from the timidity of the past, Donald Trump has stepped into the fray with a ‘Tweet’ warning of his administration’s concern over the possibility of another Zimbabwe-style land-grab and the ongoing farm-murders. This has stunned the country’s leadership. Never before has a Western leader of such stature remonstrated with them in such a way and the shock was almost palpable. While the public reaction was one of anger, defiance and outrage there has subsequently been a discreet but dramatic decision made to withdraw the troubling Expropriation Bill from parliament for ‘re-drafting’ and the political narrative has morphed dramatically from one of confrontation to compromise bringing relief, albeit temporary, to millions of South Africans. There can be little doubt President Trump will get no credit for this but he had the courage, the power and the political will to do something decisive and the Trump ‘Tweet’ may yet go down in history as a seminal moment when a newsflash in cyberspace saved a country from destroying itself.

hat-tip Stephen Neil