Trump’s Great Post-Election Offensive

Trump’s Great Post-Election Offensive, by Dov Fischer.

Then came Wednesday. While others debated the election results, President Trump got to work. Jeff Sessions — you’re fired. Jim Acosta — you’re outta here. And then Thursday — executive order: no more amnesty applications at the border. From now on, you want amnesty, you apply properly at a legally established port of entry. Stop the madness.

This is the difference of a hotel-and-casino builder with a TV show entering a new career at the White House in 2016, and a seasoned President of the United States now ensconced with his team in 2018. Men at Work. …

The President started off [in 2016] by toeing cautiously. Regardless of how the Left Media describe him, and how exercised his midnight tweets were, he actually proceeded cautiously “by the book.” Along the way, he discerned people who could not deliver. A year was lost trying to repeal and replace Obamacare and fund The Wall. He worked within the system. He followed the rules and legislative niceties. In the end, John McCain singularly nixed the repeal of Obamacare, leaving the President embarrassed and stoked, and the Republicans rightly mocked for being unable to govern. This had been their rallying cry for nigh a decade — “Repeal and Replace” — and now they failed. …

Immigration is the big one:

Half this country, give or take, will not dance to the building of a Wall or on clamping down on illegal immigration. They want Illegals and a porous border. They want ICE terminated and an endless stream of Illegals to change the electoral map, as their California experiment has succeeded.

But Congressional Republicans have needed to grasp for decades that the other half of the country insist on getting the border controlled and illegal immigration stopped. Inasmuch as the GOP spent the pre-Trump decades dancing to the tune of the Left Media, haplessly trying to win friends where there are no friends to be won, they failed to secure the border.

As a result, California now is lost, perhaps for a generation, until Latinos figure out that the Democrats do not care about them, only their votes. The millionaires in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, in Beverly Hills and Malibu, want them for pool cleaning, gardening, and housecleaning, but they never will bring Latinos into their economic class. Bezos, Zuckerberg, Pelosi, Meryl Streep, Madonna, Chelsea Handler, Will Ferrell, even Obama and Oprah — none of them is Asian or Latino. Only a Republican conservative capitalist program offers all people the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. To build a small business free of excessive regulation. To keep more of the money one brings in. To rise as high as one’s talents and merit allow.

Wasted the first year:

So the Republicans wasted the first year of the Trump Revolution. They failed on healthcare. They failed on immigration. And now they not only have lost California but contemplate a Nevada whose demographic has changed with the mass importation of immigrants from the south into the Las Vegas and related hotel-services industry. And next may be Arizona. …

But by 2018 Trump had his team in place and knew what to do, and was more effective. Now:

He emerged from the election, focusing on what he has — a stronger, more reliable Senate — and he immediately fired Sessions. When Jim Acosta started to jerk with the Presidency, he took away his hard pass to the White House. …

Donald Trump as superhero

Donald Trump now knows the ropes and the rules of the Swamp. As soon as Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi start playing dirty — and at least some of them will — the President now will have the team and the White House experience to hit back twice as hard.

A Senate investigation of the Clinton Foundation. A Senate investigation of Hillary, the bathroom server, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner and their shared computer. Subpoenas for every email, prosecution of every FBI and DOJ official who played fast and furious with the rules. Subpoena Maxine Waters’s tax returns. Subpoena those of her husband. Subpoena Obama’s college transcripts. Subpoena Richard Blumenthal’s military records. Subpoena the financial records of Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum. Subpoena records in California regarding the intimate relationship between Kamala Harris and former California political boss Willie Brown, who elevated her as she moved from the bottom to the top. Subpoena records and investigate how Loretta Lynch ended up on the same tarmac at the same time as Bill Clinton. Bring back Lois Lerner and investigate the Obama IRS. Investigate Fast and Furious. Once the Democrats draw “first blood,” there is what to investigate and subpoena back.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific