New Political Directions in the Leading Western Country

New Political Directions in the Leading Western Country, by Christopher DeGroot.

America’s social fabric is steadily unraveling, and [Tucker] Carlson certainly feels threatened now. For on Wednesday night, the Antifa group Smash Racism DC chanted outside and vandalized the man’s D.C. home. …

Shortly after the incident at Carlson’s home, Smash Racism DC published his home address and that of his brother Buckley Carlson, as well as the addresses of Ann Coulter, The Daily Caller’s Neil Patel, and Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Here, then, is what our country has come to: Because a man supports border control — an obvious necessity that should transcend political differences — he is “racist.” So he must be harassed and run out of town.

On Twitter, Sebastian Gorka said the ugly truth: “This is on you Maxine Waters, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Eric Holder. You incited this. And you will be responsible if it gets worse.”

Democracy requires a certain societal maturity and intelligence. As western IQ dwindles, so does democracy:

It has never been so socially unacceptable to believe that mankind, on the whole, is simply not intelligent enough to make democracy work, although great philosophers and great statesmen have always thought so.

Nevertheless, the events of our time suggest that the traditional elitist judgment is correct, and that, in keeping with the historical record, it’s only a matter of time before our democracy (such as it is) devolves into tyranny. …

Opposing illegal immigration is not “racist.” The choice ultimately comes down to compassion versus survival. To people who live in PC fantasy world and have little idea of what it took to build our civilization or how it really works, endless compassion seems to so easy to afford — other people pay the price, right?

It should go without saying that opposing illegal immigration doesn’t entail racism or any other type of discrimination against the persons who are entering the country illegally. Just as it’s a crime to break into my home independent of the burglar’s race, so the millions of migrants who have entered our country illegally are criminals by definition, whether they are Mexican, Honduran, or whatever. …

In the case of the illegal-immigration issue, we see that people are simply unwilling to face a tragic either-or: us or them. Our own citizens or everybody else. We can’t have it both ways. There are not unlimited jobs in these States, especially for low-skill workers in an increasingly cognitive economy.

Still, since it’s painful to face this reality, people prefer to lie to themselves. …

Antifa is systematically stupid:

Antifa, of course, believes America is “systemically racist,” and here too mankind’s tendency to delusion is a grave problem. Among human groups there are considerable inequalities with respect to mean intelligence. And though it’s much harder to quantify, observation suggests that it’s so with conscientiousness, too. Group inequalities—which do not in themselves evidence discrimination—are natural and here to stay (which is not to say fixed, as if they can’t change). So the left should stop insisting that they are merely owing to “racism,” “implicit bias,” “white supremacy,” and the like secular superstitions. After all, as technology advances and class becomes more and more determined by intelligence and conscientiousness, group inequalities are likely to increase. …

This is a desperate affair. Ugly and divisive, too. People make much of equality. They speak all the right high-toned words. But all the while, it is envy that motivates them. And few things, it is vital to understand, are more dangerous than that most insidious of vices. Insofar as people’s perceptions and judgments are motivated and distorted by status envy, they will be inclined to punish others for mere differences.

Watch out Jews and whites: the new left’s remorseless logic of “equality”, envy, the blank slate theory is out to get you