Brazil’s Bolsonaro Shows Majority-Minority US May Not Work Out Quite How Left Hopes

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Shows Majority-Minority US May Not Work Out Quite How Left Hopes, by Lance Welton.

We constantly hear the Dem/ Main Stream Media Complex gloating that the US will be a majority non-white country by the 2040s. This prediction makes white Democrats hopeful as they naively envision a rainbow future of equality, love and electoral hegemony. It makes white Republicans despondent, as they see it as a harbinger of permanent Leftist rule and the destruction of the America they knew and cherished. …

The more ethnically diverse a society is the more conflict there is (see Ethnic Conflicts, by Tatu Vanhanen) and the less white (or Northeast Asian) it is, the less intelligent it is, meaning chaos, corruption, and out-of-control crime. …

Brazil is 47% white, but look what happened:

But Bolsonaro’s election seems to show that the political consequences of this might be paradoxical. Decades of Leftist and minority rule — riven by corruption, politically correct hypocrisy, incompetence, the over-promotion of low IQ minority workers, the mollycoddling of criminals (especially minorities), the belief that money grows on trees, and the suppression of people of industry and originality — seems to have led to such utter bedlam that people simply had no choice but to vote for a conservative and even a “far right” (read: “genuinely conservative”) government.

Even highly liberal people will find themselves adopting a rather more robust politics when their money becomes worthless and their house is robbed at gunpoint.