Trump election follow up: A key positive goes unreported by the media, at his first post election press conference

Trump election follow up: A key positive goes unreported by the media, at his first post election press conference, by a WR reader. The media’s CNN-style theatrics:

He did some terrible things to reporters in the election follow up press conferences, right?

There’s nothing positive about any of this apart from the fact that he’ll end up in being booted out in a couple of years and be relegated to a Nixon style footnote in history if Mueller doesn’t put him in jail first, right?

Actually, something interesting happened:

Due to my odd and erratic hours, I’m probably the only one reading this who actually watched Trump’s first, post election press conference live. For the most part, his performance was impressive in it’s own, controversial way.

Here is a key point. Basically, Trump said that the most optimistic outcome for the Republicans was an up to five seat win in Congress BUT he prefers the outcome that was achieved as it will encourage the Democrats to once again feel they are part of the Government running the country. He believes they will start coming forward with proposals that the Republicans and Trump can review, with a view to continuing to make quick progress in some key reforms.

This “spin” was completely overlooked by the media here, as far as I tell.

Trump didn’t want the previous situation where some Republicans were grandstanding and the Democrats were being almost universally negative. Bear in mind that Trump used to be a Democrat etc, but he has a sales and persuasion job to do now for another team,. The media is general offside, so the true nature of things is often masked. (Think about that if you were shocked that he got elected in the first place.)

One of many examples Trump listed as looking more hopeful is on Government initiatives to help deal with the opioid crisis in America, where synthetic opioid use is rising at an exponential rate. Time will tell if he, and especially his wife Melania, will get any credit here for such things and if his take on the Democrats is allowed to pan out.