The shocking history of the jihad against India — never before told in the West

The shocking history of the jihad against India — never before told in the West, by Robert Spencer.

Because Hindus were not “People of the Book,” the centuries-long jihad against India was more brutal and bloody than jihad warfare in Europe — and most English-speaking readers are not aware of the full, shocking story of jihad activity in India at all.

Forewarned is forearmed. The violent ideology that fueled that jihad has never been reformed or rejected. It still informs the conflict between India and Pakistan, and the persecution of non-Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Nor is this ideology staying on the Indian Subcontinent, thanks to the West’s short-sighted immigration policies. It is in great part because policymakers do not know or care about the history of the jihad against India (or anywhere else) that they keep making mistakes in their analysis and “solutions” to various global problems.

That’s why I include an extensive treatment of the jihad against India in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS …

  • The Muslim ruler who enslaved so many Hindus that they sold for just pennies each
  • Why numerous Muslim rulers in India made special efforts to destroy thousands of Hindu temples
  • The Muslim emperor who forced Brahmans to wear nosebags filled with fragments of Hindu statues and cow’s flesh
  • The brutal game that Muslim noblemen played in India, involving encircling an area with soldiers and killing or enslaving everyone within the enclosure
  • Why jihadi uprisings against British colonial rule all failed.

hat-tip Stephen Neil