A Call For Muslim Immigration Ban In Australia

A Call For Muslim Immigration Ban In Australia, by Augusto Zimmermann.

At least one person has been killed, and another two injured, after a Muslim terrorist went on a stabbing frenzy in Bourke Street, Melbourne, this afternoon.

The past four successful terrorist attacks on Australia’s soil have all been carried out by Muslim terrorists, some of whom successfully applied for refugee status to Australian authorities. Islamic State’s most influential recruiter in Australia, Muhammad Ali Baryalei, is a Muslim refugee who the government allowed to stay in the country.

Australia has a population of approximately 24 million, and around 500,000 of its people are Muslims. The number of Muslims has risen dramatically over the last thirty years. Over 300,000 of them speak Arabic at home.

Needless to say, most Muslims are not terrorists. But, unfortunately, all our recent terrorists consider themselves to be faithful Muslims. While security measures are not specifically directed against the broader Muslim community, terrorists are, of course, drawn almost exclusively from this specific group.

The problem is that we simply do not know who to trust among a cultural and religious group that largely despises our democracy, culture and laws, and that do not even accept the principle of religious tolerance and separation of powers.

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