Melbourne, Bourke Street: One dead after Melbourne knife rampage by Islamic Somali

Melbourne, Bourke Street: One dead after Melbourne knife rampage by Islamic Somali. By PerthNow.

The man shot by police after he went on a stabbing rampage through the streets of Melbourne has died.

According to the Herald Sun, the man was known to ASIO and was of Somalian background.

The suspect was shot by police after he stabbed three people along busy Bourke Street. One person [other than the suspect] died while two other victims remain in hospital. …

The terrifying ordeal unfolded in front of horrified shoppers and workers who used whatever they could find including chairs and shopping trolleys in a bid to stop the attacker. …

[Bystander Drew Hair] said the assailant was dressed in Islamic clothing and of African appearance and about six foot four inches tall. …

Police initially responded to reports of a car on fire at the corner of Bourke and Swanston streets. Supt Clayton confirmed that when officers arrived, they were quickly cornered by the armed man as the situation escalated.

Naturally the Victorian police are downplaying terrorism, and totally ignoring 14 centuries of Islamic ill treatment of their neighbors and the expansionist conquests inherent in Islam. Islam is a totalitarian medieval ideology that imposes the death sentence on apostates. For well over a thousand years Islam has proved impervious to lasting reform, because fundamentalists keep dragging societies back to its 7th century Arab roots. Islamic culture is incompatible with Western culture, and its introduction invariably destroys the high-trust nature that helped make the West so successful.

Naturally, too, our ruling class will tell us the Islam is the religion of peace, admonish us for Islamophobia, and wave off the worldwide spate of terror attacks by Muslims as yet another unfortunate coincidence:

Maybe this afternoon’s effort was “African extremism”? Ha ha no, can’t hang that one on Africans.

Clearly we need more immigrants like this. Are there any more where he came from?

Import Somalians, get a taste of Somalia.

hat-tip Stephen Neil