Mark Latham joins Pauline Hanson’s Party: The view from the PC Camp

Mark Latham joins Pauline Hanson’s Party: The view from the PC Camp. By Peter Van Onselon.

Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham’s decision to join One Nation and run for the NSW upper house is likely to pay dividends for him.

The reason I am of the view that he will secure election in March is because the NSW upper house only requires 4.55 per cent of the vote to win a seat, meaning that a primary vote well below even that low number is all it takes to secure an eight year term on a six figure salary with staff, office space and generous entitlements.

Had Latham run for the senate for One Nation out of NSW he would have had no chance of winning. A senate spot requires 14.29 per cent of the vote. …

The divisive and volatile Latham will likely use parliamentary privilege to defame people and settle old scores. As mentioned, he’ll get eight years if elected — far longer than his relationship with Hanson is likely to last.

Latham has turned falling out with people into a habit, and Hanson is no better. As Labor’s shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said today, they deserve each other.

Let’s see how Mark goes. He is never boring. For the last few years he has been unerringly anti-PC, a real blast from the old pragmatic left fighting the new identity-politics left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil