Fashion Magazines Indoctrinating Young Women To Vote Left

Fashion Magazines Indoctrinating Young Women To Vote Left, by Marina Medvin.

How dare Vogue attempt to profit from peddling $1395.00 sandals and $1500.00 boots for businesses that are also making a profit — that’s blatant anti-socialist, capitalist profiteering! But Vogue likes double-dealing; having the best of both worlds. Vogue is duplicitous in its attempt to promote both capitalism and socialism simultaneously.

And yet Vogue is not alone. On Sunday, November 4, in anticipation of the 2018 midterm elections, Marie Claire released an article entitled, “50 Influential Women on Why They’re Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections,” a who’s who list of outspoken leftist women. It featured proud socialists and extreme leftists, as well as celebrity democrats. Conservatives were conspicuously left off the list as if the concept of a conservative female vote was deemed surely unwomanly by Marie Claire.

But Marie Claire was not sorting through “influential women,” as it claimed. If the headline was honest, then it would have had to feature the most influential American woman in the world, Nikki Haley, who dauntlessly stands up to menacing monarchies, dictatorships, and theocracies, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, on a daily basis. …

Marie Claire was not concerned with promoting “women” or “voting.” The word “women” was but a political ploy in the headline. Marie Claire, just like Vogue, was primarily concerned with promoting socialism, not women. As such, the list of 50 was a shrine to leftist women and socialist causes, intended to motivate their female readers not to just “vote,” but to vote left.

Simultaneously, Marie Claire told women to buy $55 lipstick, on sale for a mere $44 per tube! How suspiciously unsocialist of them.

hat-tip Barry Corke