Enviromental Lawfair: UK Government Is Feeding the Green Blob

Enviromental Lawfair: UK Government Is Feeding the Green Blob, by James Delingpole.

Would you pay an Irish environmental lawyer £232,000 a year to lobby to the government to raise your taxes and to make it harder to do business if he told you it was for the “public good”?

Well if you’re a UK taxpayer you already do.

His name is James Thornton and he heads a charity called Client Earth, which the UK government currently funds to the tune of nearly £1 million a year via the Department for International Development. …

Essentially, it’s an outfit of environmental lawyers who use the courts system to obstruct industrial progress in the name of saving the planet. …

Judging by their accounts … they’re very, very good at spending their donors’ money, mostly on themselves. …

They have 83 staff on their books, equating to average remuneration of £50K a year. …

What is less clear, though, is why the rest of us should have to stump up for their Teslas and their yoga retreats in Greece and their colonic irrigation treatments and whatever else it is that high-powered environmental lawyers do with their money.

This grinning enviro-loon James Thornton defines what his firm does as acting in “the public good.”

But as his expensive Yale education must surely have made him aware “the public good” is a subjective concept, dependent largely on the political outlook of the person defining it.

Speaking for myself — and I imagine most of my readers — I’d define most of what Client Earth does as the very opposite of public good. I think they’re a bunch of do-gooding leftists who have no right to a penny of our earnings, let alone nearly an annual £1 million of them.

Because the left own the bureaucracy and academia, they have many government-funded activist organizations (many of which are called NGOs). On the right we have none. My wife and I are trying to inject some science and logic into the climate debate, but we live off donations from private members of the public — no taxpayer funds for us! We are always outnumbered and outgunned by full-time paid activists whose income comes from taxpayers. Sigh.

The non-PC forces really have to do something about this activist-funding gap, because it puts them at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to election results.

hat-tip Nick