Co-ed or single-sex schools? Are all-boys or all-girls schools still relevant?

Class, schooling, and “privilege”, by John Ray.

The social background of the pupils underlies the degree of success that different schooling types have in getting pupils through their final exams. And that is true because IQ underlies socio-economic status. As Charles Murray showed decades ago to great outrage, the richer are smarter on average.

Scanlon does however treat social class very gingerly and thus overlooks the one thing that DOES give private schools of all types an advantage. Particularly for boys, the friends they make at school will be the core of their friendship group for life. And they will tend to marry their friends’ sisters. So they will tend to have both bright friends and bright wives. And that is gold for an easy progression through life. They really will have class “privilege”.

Noticing the link between IQ and outcomes is taboo in the PC world. In fact, even saying “IQ” can have you struck off the list of good people.